According to PwC, increased board accountability and reliance on technology are among major governance trends to observe in 2023. As a way to increase board transparency in the modern workplace, boardroom technology has emerged.

Boardroom technology refers to the tools and equipment used to enhance communication and collaboration during virtual meetings held in a conference room. Today’s board rooms took a long revolution, with a transition from a traditional whiteboard and projector to an advanced interactive display and engaging video conferencing solutions.

Today boardroom technology is a leading choice for virtual board meetings, however its feature set goes way beyond video conferencing alone. In this article we’ll explore communication, collaboration, security, and integration capabilities of board meeting room technology.

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How communication technology empowers modern conference rooms

Whether online or off, productive meetings are impossible without proper conference room setup and meeting preparation. Explore some of the best modern conference room technology solutions for effective communication.

Video conferencing technology

Video conferencing technology is an essential modern boardroom technology for remote members, as it enables remote attendees to engage and communicate with on-site meeting room participants. Thanks to screen sharing opportunities, a video conferencing platform enables meeting participants to work together on documents and discuss ideas in real time. A meeting recording feature helps keep everyone updated, no matter their ability to join the event.

Conference room scheduling software

A robust and user-friendly meeting room scheduling software simplifies the process of reserving a meeting space. It also notifies participants of any changes in the meeting time, location, or agenda, thus reducing scheduling errors and enabling interruption-free work.

Audio systems

One of the most underrated conference room technologies, a proper audio system should enhance communication and engagement among meeting participants by providing high sound quality. A good audio system is made up of the sound tailored to acoustics of the space, strategically placed microphones and amplifiers, and evenly distributed powerful speakers.

Visual systems

Conference room display is also a critical aspect of conference room equipment, allowing users to see colleagues in remote locations, deliver presentations, and screen share from various devices. For small rooms, even a computer’s display screen may be enough, however for a large conference room, a projector or TV’s display screen supporting 4K UHD is required.

Conference room control panel

The control panel is an essential aspect of a well-equipped conference room, serving as the control center for the entire audio-visual system. The control panel makes it easy for users to access the meeting room, connect to video calls, launch presentations, and switch between screen-sharing presentations and video conferencing with a single touch.

Wireless presentation system

A wireless presentation system is an essential element of conference room design. It empowers collaboration in board meetings by allowing multiple presenters to seamlessly share information with each other and the audience without wasting time switching between presenters. Wireless presentation systems require minimal setup and cost and enable more dynamic presentations.

Board portals

A board portal serves as an essential tool for productive meetings, as they have video conference, meeting preparation, agenda creation, and meeting invitation features. As such, they substitute a control panel, wireless presentation systems, video conferencing, and conference room scheduling software — all in one place.

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How collaboration tools enable better conference room experience

To maximize the impact of communication, good collaboration conference room equipment should be used. Explore the most important meeting room technology for proper conference room design..

Project management software

Project management software can facilitate conferences by providing a central platform for participants to communicate, share documents and presentations, and work together in real time. This software can also help to streamline workflows, minimize errors, and improve overall efficiency and productivity after the conference.

Interactive whiteboards and brainstorming tools

According to the latest boardroom technology trends, an interactive whiteboard becomes a critical element of conference room design. Interactive whiteboards are essential for sharing content, creative collaboration, and brainstorming. Virtual whiteboard facilitates presentations, document and photo sharing, annotation, and device interactivity during paperless board meetings.

Document storage and sharing software

Document storage and sharing software facilitates conferences by making all meeting materials readily available to remote participants. It reduces the risk of data loss or misplacement and provides more control over data sharing processes with remote workers.

Board portals

From a collaboration standpoint, board portals serve as an all-in-one solution for document storage, brainstorming, and project management. Not only do they offer a secure space for sharing meeting materials, they also offer opportunities for brainstorms with their polling and voting features. On top of that, board conference rooms enable distribution of tasks between meeting room participants, thus leading to more productive meetings and increased outcomes.

Security features of modern boardroom technology

Boardrooms became an essential conference room technology mainly due to the security features they offer. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Encryption and data protection

Virtual boardroom technology typically employs encryption and data protection measures to secure sensitive data. End-to-end encryption protects all sensitive information in transit, while numerous data protection features ensure it is secured at rest.

Secure remote access

Each board portal allows authorized users to access data and systems remotely while ensuring that sensitive data remains protected. Granular access controls prevent unintended access to sensitive data, while watermarks and audit trails offer full traceability of virtual collaboration.

Secure authentication

Boardroom technology often includes secure authentication features such as password controls, biometric authentication or multi-factor authentication. They protect against unauthorized access, minimizing the risk of data breaches or leaks.

Compliance with regulatory requirements

All digital board rooms adhere to globally known regulatory requirements, such as ISO, SOC, GDPR, and HIPAA. This ensures that sensitive data is collected, processed, and stored in accordance with legal requirements, and thus all contents of video conferencing discussions remain strictly confidential.

Integrations with other business systems

While board portals are a multi-functional solution, what makes them especially beneficial are their integration opportunities, which expand their feature set even more.

Integrating with CRM and ERP systems

Board portals can integrate with other business systems such as CRM and ERP to ensure consistent data flow and allow board members to access relevant information. Integrating board portals with CRM/ERM tools allow putting many essential processes — such as human resources, application, data, and financial management — under one roof.

Automation of workflows and processes

Automation of workflows and processes can streamline tasks such as scheduling meetings and document sharing. Board portals offer integration with calendars, email agents, and collaboration tools to automate scheduling, invitations, follow-ups, and many other processes.

Meeting room insights — analytics and reporting

Analytics and reporting can also provide insights into board activities, which is why board portals offer integrations with AI-based analytics tools. This provides wider reporting capabilities, which therefore makes it easier to engage employees with more data-driven insights.

Data integration and sharing

Data integration and sharing can help ensure all board members are working from the same information, reducing the risk of errors and increasing efficiency. Some board portals make it easy to share information using auto-generated sharing links, while others offer alternative ways of sharing data inside and outside of the board.

Case studies and examples

Many companies are using the latest boardroom technology solutions to enhance their board meetings. Some of the worth highlighting examples include:

  1. Cisco Systems, a multinational technology company, uses its Board Pro solution to streamline board communication as part of its hybrid-friendly working environment. This tool helps Cisco arrange face-to-face meetings remotely, while enhancing collaboration between its board members.
  2. Google uses its own collaboration software, Google Workspace, to facilitate daily communication, regular department check-ins, and information sharing.
  3. Microsoft also has its own technology for video meetings, messaging, data and app sharing, and more. Microsoft Teams facilitate collaboration between team members by offering a centralized user-friendly solution available across various personal devices, operating systems, locations, and time zones.


Boardroom technology is an essential component of each conference room today. And it is certainly here to stay, because new conference room technology trends dictate a facilitated switch to fully digital conference rooms and a rapid increase in virtual events. That said, it is essential to keep up with the emerging trends and consider using board portal software. 

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FAQ block

How can outdated conference room technology impact collaboration and decision-making?

Outdated conference room technology can negatively impact collaboration and decision-making. For example, old audio or video equipment can cause issues with communication, leading to misunderstandings and mistakes. It can also cause process confusion or delays due to occasional technical glitches, which often occur in outdated solutions.

How do I choose the right board management software for my organization’s needs?

To choose the right board management software, you should identify your organization’s specific needs in terms of the board portal’s ease of use, security, accessibility, support, and pricing. Then, you should check user reviews and consult with other organizations from your niche to gather feedback on the options available on the market and make an informed decision.

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