BoardPacks meeting management software

Managing hundreds of documents and important events is a challenging task that requires a lot of time and effort – every director and administrator know how hard it is. However, you can ease the task greatly by using board of directors portal software. This is a comprehensive solution for companies of any scale and any specialization. Being one of the industry leaders, BoardPacks offers the whole range of meeting management tools and provides directors with endless possibilities for the efficient and fast organization of meetings and daily workflow. How can it be helpful? Just like any other board portal software, BoardPacks is jam-packed with the following features:

  • Document storage and handling. Business materials are safely stored in a cloud, and users can access them from any device and at any time.
  • Thanks to advanced access settings, administrators can limit the users’ rights by letting them view/edit/upload/download/print materials. That ensures an exceptional level of security.
  • Being user-friendly board portal software, BoardPacks provides the system of voting and statistics. Thanks to that, users can make informed decisions much faster and more efficiently.
  • Notifications let users know which documents have been changed, uploaded, or viewed. From now on, directors will be aware of everything that happens.
  • Board portal vendors like BoardPacks protect files stored on the cloud with the help of firewall, encryption, and other techniques.

Therefore, directors and administrators can reap multiple benefits from BoardPacks and optimize preparation for meetings considerably.

Key advantages of using BoardPacks app

Numerous board portal reviews prove that the vast majority of BoardPacks app users are totally satisfied with this solution. They praise this platform for:

  1. Compatibility with most platforms. BoardPacks is available as both cloud and on-premise solution and can be exploited from stationary and portable devices. It is supported by Windows, Linux, Mac, as well as iPhone and Android phones.
  2. This board portal software has all essential features for meeting organization, including calendars, document management, voting, and collaboration tools.
  3. Just like other decent meeting management solutions, BoardPacks provides 24/7 customer support via email, phone, and live chat. Users can always get recommendations and assistance.
  4. Agreeable price policy and free demo period.

Being one of the best board portals, BoardPacks is the industry leader that provides users with a myriad of tools for smart and quick organization of meetings and committees.