1. Scheduling management

Manage agenda
Meeting preparation
Calendar management
Deadline management

2. Meeting management

Search information from the past meetings
Manage meeting materials
Manage reminders
Create action items during the meeting
Automatically draft meeting minutes
Possibility to annotate documents
Manage action items after the meeting

Product features

Activity dashboard
Document templates
Customizable branding
Electronic signature
Private chat
Real-time chat
Number of languages 12 1

3. Security

Encryption of sensitive data
Security protocol for all the pages
Multi-factor authentication
Permission management

4. Description

iDeals BoardEffect

iDeals focuses on real-time collaboration improvement through properly organized document management and voting. iDeals was founded in 2008. The software is compatible with different OS, though it’s primarily tailored for iPad users. All the information is synchronized immediately after Internet connection establishment. One more thing that makes iDeals remarkable is the availability as both a classic program and a cloud app.

BoardEffect offers convenient management solutions for boar meetings, no matter how often or regular they are conducted. BoardEffect is the most suitable for the markets of the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe. The software is a pleasure to use: it has an intuitive interface, so training won’t take more than one day. There are also many educational materials, 24/7 customer support, and a comprehensive FAQ section.