It would be convenient if people were born with a vast amount of knowledge about leadership and management. Unfortunately, we still need to learn those things on our own, and corporations are aware of that. Creating a young professional board inside a company is a way of teaching a new and ambitious generation. 

What is a young professionals board?

A young professionals board is a group of people aged between 21 and 40 years committed to serving their organization’s needs. In the simplest terms, this is a group of ambitious people within the same age range, connected by the common organization’s mission and philanthropist views.

By seeing the potential in young minds, corporations create a young professionals board to help them develop in a direction that will serve the company. The main responsibilities of a young professionals board usually include organizing and managing events, developing marketing campaigns, volunteering, etc.

What is the difference between a young professionals board and a board of directors?

A board of directors consists of seasoned professionals that have dedicated years to learn the ins and outs of the company. The young professionals’ board is the beginning of that journey, and they do not have the same board management skills as their older and more experienced counterparts. 

It is also worth noting that there is a difference between a young professional board’s and board of directors’ responsibilities. In fact, a board of directors has full board governance over the young professionals’ board. However, the young members do not have any voting rights and are directly subordinate to the board.

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How to create a young professionals board?

When creating a young professionals board, you need to follow a couple of steps. 

  1. The purpose. What will be the main objective of this board? What tasks will they take care of? How much responsibility will the members be able to handle? Those are all valid questions to ask before you start the next step of the process.
  2. Criteria for joining the board. What will we be looking for in a potential candidate? What would be the perfect skill set that would help our corporation? What is the cutoff age for the young professional? After deciding on the requirements of the board members, we can move onto the recruitment process.
  3. Recruitment. This is possibly the most time-consuming step out of all of them. Just as deciding members for the board, the candidates for the young professionals board need to have the competencies checked. The process is rooted more in the potential of those people, than their accomplishments, as they will grow within the organizational structures.
  4. Duty delegation. Once we have chosen our young board professionals, we can move onto role selection. We have a pool of willing workers that will deal with tasks like budgeting, mission execution, event planning, and much more. Putting the right people in charge of those sections is important in the overall success of the young professionals’ board. 

By following those steps, you should have no problem creating a young professionals board in your company. What do those young professionals have to gain from serving on such a board?

Reasons to serve in a young professionals board

Young professionals boards are created with the young in mind. They are a special job posting that enables young people to grow to realize their full potential. This position prepares them for executive roles, teaches responsibility, and encourages them to move out of their comfort zone. 

This is also an opportunity to learn and grow within the company structure. Their work on the board is part of a vetting process that helps the current board members decide their successors. 

And even if applicants don’t manage to get an executive board appointment, they will have a business network that will help them find a suitable job. 

With a combination of leadership and management skills, new networking possibilities, and a new career experience, serving on a young professionals board opens many new doors for the young professional. 


Companies with big missions take time to develop their goals. They can range through decades, and people age with the company. The board of directors rotates new members every couple of years. This is why young professionals boards are vital to the longevity of the company, as they provide a more secure future for the organization and can help them with the current tasks at hand.

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