Handling documents is a time-consuming and responsible task, that’s why meeting management solutions are widely used in different companies. Today, this is an irreplaceable tool in the inventory of many managers and directors – it allows for organizing paperless board meetings and establishing an efficient workflow.

The market is full of board management software that helps directors and administrators organize paperless meetings and committees. However, choosing the right option can be quite hard – all board software solutions seem to be the same. That’s why our board meeting software reviews were created. They give you a better insight into the programs and features.

Who we are?

Here are a few facts about us:

  • We’ve been on the market for 4 years
  • We’ve reviewed over 23 top board portal software providers
  • We help 800+ readers a month find the right vendor for their board needs

Our team aims to assist CEOs and directors in making an informed decision. We observe solutions from the leading vendors and leave unbiased opinions on how useful these options are.

What problems we solve

With the reviews, we want to help our readers tackle the difficulties they have when choosing a board portal provider, including: 

Much time on research

Board members and executives don’t have time to compose a pros and cons list of vendors. That’s what we do for them.

Lack of trust

Customers don’t trust brands with no reviews and, therefore, tend to avoid them. Our job is to make sure buyers get introduced to all options and choose the most suitable one.

Tough purchasing decisions

Our reviews, rankings, and comparison tables make a choice quicker and easier for customers. 

How we review board portals

Our board portal comparison is based on our personal impressions and what other users say. More specifically, we:

  • Find, read, and analyze feedback from real users
  • Contact the vendors directly and ask questions about their products
  • Try out demo versions and test how platforms work

When reviewing and comparing providers, we analyze:

  1. Features and tools. We check and inform users whether a platform provides collaboration and document management tools, voting and polls, notifications, and other instruments. All in all, this is the main factor that should be taken into account. 
  2. Level of security. Our team learns how reliable and strong the cloud servers of a vendor are, where the data centers are located, what type of encryption is used, and which authentication measures are offered.
  3. Pricing. We learn the providers’ tariff plans, compare prices, and recommend solutions with the best cost/quality ratio.
  4. Accessibility. Our team checks whether a board portal is compatible with all devices, systems, and browsers. This ensures stable access and guarantees efficient meetings anywhere and anytime.

Our team strives to present relevant and useful information that can help you find a perfect solution for your business.

Why you can trust us


Our reviews are unbiased and honest, as they’re based solely on real users’ feedback and our experts’ research.

Best experts

We hire the best specialists with years of experience and a genuine desire to help our readers.

Vast choice

We review all board portal solutions on the market without giving preference to specific providers.

Our team

Andrew Klein

СEO of Board-room.org

“Purchasing enterprise software involves too many pain points. I decided to make board software selection as easy as possible with Board-Room.org.”


Andrew Klein is a business analyst with 20 years of experience. He is responsible for the healthy growth of Board-Room.org.
Andrew executes development strategies, onboards new members, builds teams, and allocates capital to ensure equal growth across departments.


Edwin Thompson

Head of research of Board-room.org

“Saying one app is great and the other is bad doesn’t work for someone seeking quality software. I trust unbiased research-driven conclusions and do my best for Board-Room.org to match my vision.”


Edwin Thompson is a data analyst with 13 years of experience. He is responsible for software testing, review depth, and overall content quality.
Edwin develops review procedures and software testing methods, supervises QA testers, and fact-checks reviews.

The Board-room.org team has helped 800+ users find the most suitable solution for successful board management and efficient online meetings. We hope our reviews will simplify your search, too.

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