Handling documents is a time-consuming and responsible task, that’s why meeting management solutions are widely used in different companies. Today, this is an irreplaceable tool in the inventory of many managers and directors – it allows for organizing paperless board meetings and establishing an efficient workflow.

The market is full of board management software that helps directors and administrators organize paperless meetings and committees. However, choosing the right option can be quite hard – all board software solutions seem to be the same. That’s why our board meeting software reviews were created. They give you a better insight into the programs and features.

Our team aims to assist CEOs and directors in making an informed decision. We observe solutions from the leading vendors and leave unbiased opinions on how useful these options are.

How we make board portal reviews?

In order to write board portal reviews, we read numerous feedbacks from real users, visit forums, and contact the vendors directly. Besides, if a demo version is available, we try it and test how it works. Our board portal comparison is based both on our personal impressions, and what other users say.

To give you ample information about the solution, we analyze each board meeting app from different angles:

  1. We check which board software tools are provided. All in all, this is the main factor that should be taken into account. We inform users whether a platform leverages collaboration and document management tools, voting and polls, notifications and other instruments.
  2. We find out what’s the level of security provided. Our team figures out how reliable and strong the cloud servers of a vendor, where the datacenters are located, what type of encryption is used, and which authentication measured are offered.
  3. Of course, we compare the prices and strive to recommend the solutions with the best cost/quality ratio. We look at the tariffs and approve of solutions that offer a free demo version.
  4. Our team pays attention to the fact whether an application is compatible with all devices. All in all, the best board software should be accessible from any gadget – this is the warranty of efficient meetings.

Our team is striving to present relevant and useful information that can help you to find a perfect solution for your business.