Board Maps​

Rating: 5.0

This award-winning board management software provider will take away all the struggle and allow directors focusing on the work. Unlike many of its competitors, BoardMaps focuses on a certain workflow that consists of four steps: preparation, decision making, action, monitoring. Thus, directors have a specific outline for their activity that is easy to follow. BoardMaps will make sure board meetings result in effective actions and success of the company.

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Rating: 4.9

iDeals is one of the best options you will find searching for the virtual boardroom solution. This provider offers truly flexible software that is able to adjust to the needs of the company. It can deal not only with common business processes like managing and conducting board meetings. Also, iDeals can handle serious activities like data security risk management. Get a free trial to check if it fits you.

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Rating: 4.2

Diligent will provide your company with all the tools you need to manage the activity of the board. This software will adjust to your current needs and grow along with you evolving to fit new requirements. Thus, Diligent will provide your business with all the right tools for the current moment making sure you get the most out of this software. And detailed reports will improve your decision-making process.

TOP board portals rating

To help you select the most optimal board portal software, we have made the rating of the worthiest board portals. When evaluating board management software we took into consideration its functionality, ease of use, level of security provided, and user feedback. Our team has carefully checked every little detail to pick up the best solutions for the commercial and non-profit organization. Check out our board portal comparison chart!

Board portal: see how easy good governance can be

Prepare for board meetings with meeting management solutions

Control calendars and agenda using meeting management solutions. With real-time email and push-up notifications, you will always remember mission-critical events and meetings with your team and partners.

Review any board materials from anywhere with meeting management tools

Accessing business materials has never been so quick and easy! With the help of advanced meeting management tools, you can preview, edit and share important documents in a couple of clicks.

Keep everything secure with the board software

Using advanced board software you can store all business materials in a single virtual environment. A cloud server ensures 100% protection against data loss and hacking.


How to choose the best board portal software for your business?

The selection of board of directors portal software should depend on the type of organization using it, as well as its requirements, budget, and level of technical knowledge.

Meeting management software for commercial organizations

When it comes to board meeting management software for commercial enterprises, companies aren’t restricted in choice: the market is full of various solutions. You will simply find a suitable option as soon as the list of requirements is made.

If you want to engage the entire team in collaboration, seek for corporate secretary software that provides a wide range of tools for work with documents. Such platforms allow storing corporate files in a cloud and editing them in real time. The updates and annotations will be visible for other users instantly – only Internet connection is required.

Some solutions are created for directors and managing staff only. A board portal like this is focused around agenda, calendar planning, and event management. With the help of a suitable program, directors are always aware of upcoming events and can get information concerning the past meetings.

Board collaboration software for corporate users is all about file security: business materials are stored in failure-proof servers and are protected against hacking. Two-step authentication prevents access of unauthorized users, while data encryption doesn’t let hackers steal the information. It goes without mentioning advanced access settings and unbeatable protection of data centers.

Board portals for nonprofits

If your non-profit company deals with board document management, directors have to work with a wide range of private and public documents. Special board management software allows defining the permission level for different users and keeping private files totally secure. This is a non-expensive and efficient solution for both meeting organization and file handling. It can be useful for companies of different niche and different size.

To top it off, nonprofit organizations can benefit from a large spectrum of all other tools, including:

  • Polls and voting system. Totally fair and transparent decision-making process is the key to development.
  • Analytics and advanced reports. Now directors don’t have to process the information manually – document viewing and editing statistics is always available in a couple of clicks.
  • Document sharing via integrated platforms, such as social media and other websites.

 The price of such solutions is more than agreeable, and the vendors we recommend usually offer a free demo. Therefore, nonprofit organizations can afford this software and reap all possible benefits from it. No matter what your organization is specializing in – medicine, education, charity – with our board meeting software reviews you will definitely find a suitable solution.

Board management software for Financial Institutions

Financial organizations put a heavy focus on the precision of information and security of business materials. That’s where board portal solutions come in handy. Such software serves to store business data in a secure place and get a better insight into the documents and collaboration details. It can be useful for banks, loaning centers, insurance agencies, financial advisors, and many other similar establishments.

The platforms tailored for financial institutions provide users with advanced analytics tools: directors are able to track financial trends and tendencies in their company and present this information in the form of graphics charts. Instead of distributing boatloads of papers during meetings, directors may simply display the files on desktop devices – laptops, tablets, or smartphones. Besides, there’s always statistics about file usage, including the number of views, who and when accesses documents, and so on.

Sensitive business data is stored in cloud servers that establish unbeatable security thanks to data encryption, firewall, and datacenter’s own protection measures. You can sleep soundly knowing that mission-critical information is available for authorized personnel only. It can be easily managed and shared during meetings, and the administrator is free to establish access settings.

There’s a wide range of platforms available – all in different types of packages, so you’ll figure out a solution that suits your budget and needs. Our board of directors software comparison will help you to take the right decision.