iDeals meeting management software

When it comes to paperwork, directors and managing board have to deal with hundreds of files on a daily basis. That requires a lot of time that could be spent on more important tasks. How to minimize efforts? iDeals is an advanced platform for management of business materials, organization of meetings and other crucial events, as well as collaboration.

This meetings management software was created to offload directors by going virtual. Now, you can upload business files in the cloud provided by the board portal, and define who and how can access them (view, edit, print, download). Besides, iDeals gives you the possibility to cast votes making polls totally transparent and fair.

What else does this board collaboration software offer?

  • Calendar management and event notifications.
  • Collaboration tools (messaging, annotations, comments, polls).
  • Voting and management of approval process.
  • Role-based access permissions for separate documents and folders.
  • 256-bit encryption and 2-step authentication for better data safety.
  • Electronic signature.

A wide range of meeting management tools makes iDeals one of the best board portals on the market. This is a comprehensive solution for middle- and large-scale companies.

Key advantages of using iDeals board portal software

Meetings and committees are key events for the development of any company. Why choosing iDeals board portal software for your business?

  1. It is available both on desktop devices and iPads. Besides, iDeals can be integrated with some other platforms like email agents.
  2. Like other self-respecting board portal vendors, iDeals offers 24/7 customer support for clients. Assistants can be contacted via phone or email. Live chat and training materials are also provided.
  3. The software offers a wide range of collaboration tools. These include messaging, notes, calendar, and document notifications, the possibility to plan meetings and agenda.
  4. According to board portal reviews, this solution has an agreeable price. It would be more cost-efficient for large companies.
  5. Ultimate convenience of use and intuitive navigation. iDeals features aren’t sophisticated, and an average user can learn the platform navigation within a day.

With the help of such meeting management solutions like iDeals, directors and administrators can shift all paperwork to the virtual environment and be occupied with other mission-critical tasks. This is a versatile solution for companies of any niche.