The discussion about the future of a company is directly linked to board meetings. Although they usually are a scheduled gathering, there might be a need to organize a special board meeting. Let’s take a look at why special called business meetings happen and how to efficiently organize them. 

What are the rules for calling a special board meeting?

To call a special board meeting there needs to be a justifiable reason. It can’t be something that can wait until the next regular board meeting. A specially called business meeting entails unforeseen circumstances that need action right away. 

The leaders of the board — the board president or the board chair — can call a special board meeting. Sometimes special circumstances can also allow for someone else to organize a special board meeting. It all depends on the rules of the board, which differ from company to company. 

To organize such a meeting there needs to be a written notice, usually described in the bylaws of the board. The notice needs to be filed in a reasonable time frame (between 14 to 30 days before the meeting) so that everyone can plan to gather and get acquainted with the issue beforehand. 

The requirements for a special business meeting

As described above, a special called board meeting needs to have a problem which requires immediate action. This is the only reason why a special called business meeting would take place, and the problem requiring immediate action will be the only thing on the meeting’s agenda

The gathering should ultimately produce a viable solution to the problem. Board portal software might help the attendees to focus on the important issue at hand and ultimately stay more organized. 

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How do board portals help with conducting a special board meeting?

The urgency of a special called business meeting requires carefully chosen tools to deal with the presented issue. Board portals are used in scheduled board meetings, but can also be utilized when an unforeseen gathering is about to take place.

Here are some advantages to utilizing a board portal during a special board meeting:

  • Navigate between the calendars easily. Attendees can easily navigate to the date of the unexpected gathering through the board portal calendar, which is embedded in the board portal. The portal also sends the attendees a notification, so everyone knows exactly when and where to meet.
  • Share the documents in a secure and convenient way. While on the board portal, you can attach all the necessary documents related to the problem being discussed. Providing immediate access to the data is a crucial step for problem solving. This provides a clear picture of the topic and enables members to confidently come up with solutions.
  • Utilize meeting templates and save time. Board portals provide useful templates for agendas, meeting minutes and resolutions. This means board members have everything needed to conduct a meeting almost instantaneously. Using this software also optimizes the workflow of the gathering and helps with documenting the whole event. After the meeting is finished, everyone can take a look at the presented data and reach their own conclusions. 

Knowing exactly what the future holds would be nice, especially when it comes to tackling unforeseen business problems. While regular business meetings take on the majority of concerns that may arise, there will always be unforeseen circumstances and special board meetings may be called. 

After written notice is submitted, the gathering is going to take place whether you are organized or not. Board portals serve as a valuable asset under these circumstances, ensuring you make the most of your time, confidently devise solutions with data-based insights, and have the ability to revisit valuable data in the future.

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