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Boardable is a board management software solution developed by Board Management Inc in 2016. It helps today’s boards streamline remote board meetings and improve operations. Over 2,000 organizations in 40 countries rely on Boardable.

The service allows directors to arrange a virtual board meeting, create and share agendas, assign tasks, create polls, and more. It makes board obligations easy within a powerful board management platform. This flexible management software will suit businesses, healthcare, sports, faith organizations, schools, nonprofit boards, and others.

Key advantages of Boardable

Board leaders choose Boardable due to the following advantages:

All-in-one software platform for effective collaboration

Many board leaders and investors have a hard time getting the job done in multiple applications – meet online via Zoom, schedule meetings via google calendar, or share important documents via email.

Meanwhile, Boardable users find its services the best solution to corporate chaos as it puts vital functionalities for accurate and effective collaboration in one platform:

  • Agenda building. You can create and share agendas with board directors using dynamic templates.
  • Meeting management. Boardable allows you to schedule meetings, manage tasks, and review agendas through an intuitive dashboard. 
  • Online polls to vote digitally on minor decisions, reduce meetings, and boost organization processes.
  • Detailed activity reports and goal tracking. You can see what’s done and what needs to be done and analyze your efficiency metrics with detailed reports.
  • E-signatures. There is no need for extra paperwork because you can sign documents remotely. 
  • Minutes tracking. You can record details of your meeting and share important data afterward so that everyone stays informed and collected.
  • Document sharing. You can access and manage critical board documents collected in a secure document center.

Boardable is a game-changing tool for many companies. Its virtual board meetings and other functionalities allow directors to understand each other better and make decisions faster.

Reliable customer support

Boardable members rarely face issues with the software. However, if you need assistance, Boardable’s support team will give you a helping hand as fast as possible. It’s available round the clock via multiple communication channels.

Plus, Boardable offers training resources designed for board members and administrators – a board member academy, webinars, video tutorials, and more. Lastly, you can always refer to a comprehensive FAQ section, e-books, a live demo, and white papers to learn more about the service.

Regular service improvements

Consistent developers’ support makes a difference, although many people overlook it. The Boardable team releases product updates regularly, continuously improving its design and user experience. 

Although some customers say particular design features have space for improvement, it’s not a big deal in the long run. Boardable users like that the team collects user feedback and releases platform updates accordingly.

Ease of use

Boardable follows the best UX practices to make its design user-friendly and easy to use. Thus, its clean, one-page dashboard allows you to navigate and manage key functions without straining your eyes. 

Although some Boardable users need extra time to learn the ropes, 90% of its clients find the interface intuitive and helpful in increasing board member engagement.

Boardable Pricing

Pricing details: The following plans are starting at: Grassroots – 79$, Essentials – 149$, Professional – 249$ Contact the vendor to get more details about the Enterprise plan
Pricing model: Subscription
Starting from: $79/month
Free trial: Available

The Main Features

Scheduling management
  • Manage agenda
  • Meeting preparation
  • Calendar management
  • Scheduling
Meeting management
  • Search information from the past meetings
  • Manage meeting materials
  • Create action items during the meeting
  • Voting
  • Manage action items after the meeting
Product features
  • Activity dashboard
  • Document templates
  • Electronic signature
  • Encryption of sensitive data
  • Security protocol for all the pages
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Permission management

Getting started

Boardable offers a 14-day free trial version of its Professional usage plan. This will give you time in which to get to know the system better and determine whether or not it fits your company’s use case. 

Another option is to request a free demo, where a company representative will show you how the platform works, discuss your needs, and determine what features or pricing plans are the best for you.

Once you’ve made up your mind, the company will assist the onboarding process with training webinars and other helpful resources.

Boardable is best for

Boardable will be a great choice for:

  • Foundations
  • Charities
  • Trade associations
  • School boards
  • Faith-based organizations
  • Fraternal organizations
  • Sports organizations
  • Healthcare

Of course, the use is not limited only to these industries. Any nonprofit organization will benefit greatly from this virtual boardroom.

Boardable has many advantages that make this provider appealing for nonprofits:

  • It’s affordable — the prices start from $79/month for 10 users. If you need more users, each additional 5-user expansion will cost $20/month.
  • There is a free trial — you can test the software to see if it fits your needs.
  • It’s cloud-based — no need to install any programs on your computer.
  • There are mobile versions — Boardable works on iOs and Android.
  • The provider offers training — choose from different options.

The support team works within business hours, and specialists are highly attentive and helpful. If you encounter any issues, you can be sure you’ll get the needed help. However, the chances that you’ll have any problems are low because Boardable is very simple. It offers an intuitive interface that’s easy to understand even for beginners.


How can I track activity within the Boardable board management software?

Administrators of the Boardable board portal can track user activity by running reports on individuals, committees, or the entire organization. It lets administrators make sure everyone is focused on mutual goals. 

Is there a dedicated Boardable app for mobile usage?

Yes, users can reach Boardable from any mobile device because there’s an application for iPhone and Android.

Does Boardable provide polling and voting options?

Yes, board members and committees can vote on polls and surveys within Boardable software. Polling capabilities include identifying users before voting, inviting specific members to vote, and keeping votes anonymous.

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