Boardable board software


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Boardable board software

Product review

It’s almost impossible to manage a company properly without a virtual boardroom. Boardable software helps board members to communicate, have more efficient meetings, and improve processes. However, often nonprofit organizations can’t find the solution that will fit their needs. 

That’s why Boardable was created. Boardable was founded by nonprofit enthusiasts for nonprofits like them. So today Boardable service can help such organizations save time and increase their efficiency. Boardable offers numerous functions that will streamline the processes within the board and in the organization in general.

Key advantages of Boardable

This provider offers rather useful functions that will help you to improve the workflow and let the board become more productive.

Agenda Builder

Thanks to this feature board members can jump straight to the discussion and decision-making. The Agenda Builder feature allows users to create agendas in a format of dynamic PDFs quickly with the help of templates and deliver them through emails or special agenda landing pages.

Meetings Center

This feature will let board members schedule meetings to make sure the time is convenient for everyone, and all directors can make it to the event. 

Document Center

Each meeting involves numerous documents, and the Document Center will provide all directors with access to needed files. This feature allows users to upload, organize, distribute, and work with documents easily.


This feature will speed up the document signing and approval processes. The e-signature is legal in most countries, and it’s a very convenient feature.

Task Manager

Create tasks and assign them to executives to make sure things that were planned during the meeting get done. Also, this feature makes it easy for everyone to track tasks.

Reporting and Goal Tracking

Reports are vital for controlling the efficiency of an organization. Boardable will provide you with detailed useful reports. And you can use the Goal Tracking feature to keep everyone engaged and focused.

Polls and Voting

Create polls and votes to include the opinion of all board members and make minor decisions without gathering a meeting.


Create separate groups to build dedicated teams and improve the structure of your organization.

Boardable Pricing

Pricing details: The following plans are starting at: Grassroots – 79$, Essentials – 149$, Professional – 249$ Contact the vendor to get more details about the Enterprise plan
Pricing model: Subscription
Starting from: $79/month
Free trial: Available

The Main Features

Scheduling management
  • Manage agenda
  • Meeting preparation
  • Calendar management
  • Scheduling
Meeting management
  • Search information from the past meetings
  • Manage meeting materials
  • Create action items during the meeting
  • Voting
  • Manage action items after the meeting
Product features
  • Activity dashboard
  • Document templates
  • Electronic signature
  • Encryption of sensitive data
  • Security protocol for all the pages
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Permission management

Getting started

Boardable offers a 14-day free trial version of its Professional usage plan. This will give you time in which to get to know the system better and determine whether or not it fits your company’s use case. 

Another option is to request a free demo, where a company representative will show you how the platform works, discuss your needs, and determine what features or pricing plans are the best for you.

Once you’ve made up your mind, the company will assist the onboarding process with training webinars and other helpful resources.

Boardable is best for

Boardable will be a great choice for:

  • Foundations
  • Charities
  • Trade associations
  • School boards
  • Faith-based organizations
  • Fraternal organizations
  • Sports organizations
  • Healthcare

Of course, the use is not limited only to these industries. Any nonprofit organization will benefit greatly from this virtual boardroom.

Boardable has many advantages that make this provider appealing for nonprofits:

  • It’s affordable — the prices start from $79/month for 10 users. If you need more users, each additional 5-user expansion will cost $20/month.
  • There is a free trial — you can test the software to see if it fits your needs.
  • It’s cloud-based — no need to install any programs on your computer.
  • There are mobile versions — Boardable works on iOs and Android.
  • The provider offers training — choose from different options.

The support team works within business hours, and specialists are highly attentive and helpful. If you encounter any issues, you can be sure you’ll get the needed help. However, the chances that you’ll have any problems are low because Boardable is very simple. It offers an intuitive interface that’s easy to understand even for beginners.

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