BoardEffect meeting management software

How to accelerate work with corporate documents and optimize preparation for meetings and committees? With appropriate meetings management software, it becomes a less challenging task and BoardEffect is the best choice for that. This board portal software serves for management of corporate files, controlling access to business materials and organizing meetings. This solution would be equally suitable for directors and administrators, as well as other board team members.

Being one of the most well-established meeting management solutions on the market, BoardEffect supplies the best practices for workflow and board organization. It comes as both on-premise and cloud solution and provides users with unlimited storage space, a wide range of meeting management tools, and an unbeatable security of business-critical materials.

Let’s take a closer look at the features:

  • Online board books and scheduling.
  • Task management and collaboration organization – files can be viewed and edited in real time. Calendar and agendas facilitate scheduling and notify users about important events.
  • Archives allow for safe storage of corporate files. Convenient search allows finding the required documents quicker.
  • The voting system for efficient decision making.

A comprehensive set of tools and opportunities make BoardEffect one of the best board portals out there. This solution is praised by users, and it is constantly being developed providing an exceptional level of service.

Key advantages of using BoardEffect software

Most corporate users of BoardEffect claim that this is a highly convenient and efficient solution for meetings and document sharing. What makes this board collaboration software superb?

  1. This board portal provides excellent user experience thanks to the convenient intuitive interface, real-time notifications and a myriad of tools for collaboration.
  2. Compatibility with mobile devices and all major OS (Mac, Linux, Windows) allows users to manage meetings on the go.
  3. Advanced security of materials is achieved thanks to data encryption, advanced access settings, and authentication methods.
  4. According to board portal reviews, BoardEffect is convenient for managing documents of different formats, and convenient search makes viewing quicker.
  5. Customer support is available around the clock – the company features email and phone call support, as well as a live chat, FAQ section, and education materials. A rare user experiences serious problems with this platform.

Being one of the best board portal vendors BoardEffect offers a brilliant platform that solves the issue of document sharing, meeting organization, and collaboration. Streamlining your business processes has never been easier.