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Nasdaq Boardvantage Board Software

Product overview

Boardvantage is board portal software that was created for company directors. It helps them to fulfill their duties properly and comply with ever-growing demands of the business. Boardvantage’s team of developers offers two solutions: 

  • Boardvantage Director. It is a board portal that automates work with documents and allows simultaneous implementation of several tasks, including but not limited to voting and signing agreements.
  • Boardvantage MeetX. It is a more comprehensive solution for handling business documents. The program features a highly graphical interface and puts a heavy focus on providing information to executives.

After Board Vantage company had been acquired by Nasdaq, the company started offering Nasdaq directors desk — a board portal software that aims to minimize paperwork by going digital. Thanks to the software, you can now easily send all required documents to the directors’ devices being securely encrypted.

Main features

Scheduling management
  • Manage agenda
  • Meeting preparation
  • Calendar management
  • Scheduling
Meeting management
  • Search information from the past meetings
  • Manage meeting materials
  • Voting
  • Possibility to annotate documents
  • Manage action items after the meeting
Product features
  • Document templates
  • Customizable branding
  • Electronic signature
  • Private chat
  • Number of languages – 6
  • Encryption of sensitive data
  • Security protocol for all the pages
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Permission management

Key advantages of Boardvantage

Judging by numerous board portal reviews, Boardvantage software is highly convenient and beneficial for both meetings and everyday document management. The key advantages of this software solution include:

  1. Available as both desktop and mobile solution (iOS and Android compatible).
  2. Great customer support via phone, email, and online chat.
  3. It eliminates the need for paperwork by replacing it with digital documents and online collaboration. The software also offers a whole gamut of tools for successful editing and previewing of documents.
  4. The software has an exceptional level of Vantage security thanks to filing encryption and compliance with the strictest standards.
  5. A free demo is available and the pricing depends on the solution chosen.
  6. Numerous calendar and document management tools for efficient collaboration and sharing. Approval management is also included.
  7. Role-based access permissions.

Boardvantage Pricing

Pricing details: Please contact the vendor for more information
Pricing model: Subscription
Starting from: Boardvantage hasn't provided pricing details
Free trial: Available

Boardvantage is best for

The main features of Nasdaq Boardvantage boards include:

  • eSignature
  • notes, highlights, and annotations in documents
  • offline viewing of materials
  • collaboration options
  • secure email
  • fast access to meetings
  • storage space for board of directors documents and folders

Being one of the most well-known meeting management solutions, Boardvantage provides company directors and executives with essential tools for document handling and meeting organization. Now, instead of printing and sending documents, you may just upload them in the application and configure the level of access. The files and all updates done will be available in real time.

Therefore, Boardvantage features all essential meeting management tools and would be great for any company, not depending on its scale and size.


When did Nasdaq acquire Boardvantage?

Nasdaq acquired Boardvantage on April 3, 2016.

What is a typical response time for the Boardvantage portal when critical issues appear?

Generally, the response time at Boardvantage is less than a minute.

Does Boardvantage software provide polling or survey options?

Yes. Users can create polls and surveys anytime within the Boardvantage portal.

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