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Product review

BoardPro is a board management software provider founded in 2015 in Auckland, New Zealand. 

Through this easy-to-use and affordable platform, board members can automate repetitive manual tasks, increase productivity, optimize board meetings, and store board meeting documents — all in one place. As a result, leaders can focus on decision-making instead of general process management.

Regardless of the type and size of the client’s organization, the software receives primarily positive feedback from BoardPro users. Notably, most feedback comes from small companies and the middle market, with fewer large enterprises responding.

As for the industries, BoardPro is most popular with nonprofits, civic and social organizations, healthcare, and education.

BoardPro is quite transparent in its pricing policy — check the prices on its official website. It is worth noting that each tariff plan includes support via chat, the agenda builder feature, and an unlimited number of users. 

The best part? For those eager to try out the product, BoardPro offers a 30-day free trial.

Key advantages

BoardPro reviews from verified independent sources highlight some of the software’s main benefits. We’ve listed them below so users can weigh the pros and cons and make an informed decision.

Ease of use

BoardPro customers praise the tool’s intuitiveness, no matter who uses the product — an early adopter or an IT-savvy employee. In fact, BoardPro customers find it easy to

  • Set up the software and get it running
  • Access all information they need in one central place
  • Make updates even after the document is published
  • Invite and re-invite users to a board
  • Create and manage board packs, agendas, and meeting minutes

Because all of these processes are properly optimized, users have noted  over 50% time savings on meetings management.

Managing actions across meetings

BoardPro automates the creation, overview, and tracking of action items from end to end: 

  • Task assignment. Administrators can assign tasks while taking meeting minutes — and the platform automatically sends reminders to the people in charge.
  • Activity overview. Admins can easily access user activity logs when needed.
  • Performance tracking. Equally convenient is the ability to measure the progress of a particular task completion. BoardPro allows labeling tasks as not started, on hold, in progress, or complete.

As a result, the teams work more organized and efficiently. And as board directors say, actions do not fall off the list of priority tasks, as the board always remains accountable.

Excellent prompt customer support

Many users mention good communication and quality support from BoardPro experts. Namely, directors admire the high speed of processing requests and the support team’s invaluable expertise. 

In addition to 24/7 support via chat, phone, and email, BoardPro also has a knowledge base with information about governance mastery, board minutes, reporting, and decision-making activities for executives, board members, administrators, and chairs.

Though the software solution offers many advantages, users have also testified to some drawbacks:

  • No mobile app for Android users
  • No e-signature option
  • More expensive pricing compared to its competition

Impossibility of adding board members’ positions to the agenda and minutes

BoardPro Pricing

Pricing details: Different plans provided for commercial companies, nonprofits, and schools. Contact the vendor for details
Pricing model: Per board
Starting from: $1200 per board, annually
Free trial: Available

Main features

Scheduling management
  • Calendar management
  • Meeting schedule
Meeting management
  • Collaboration tools
  • File sharing
  • Polls/Voting
  • Minutes management
Product features
  • Governance repository
  • Decision register
  • Subcommittees management
  • Board pack annotations
  • SSL security
  • Secure data storage

BoardPro is best for

Managing documents

The BoardPro space makes it especially convenient to store, manage, and exchange documents between directors. It is a one-stop shop for board members where they can:

  • Restrict access to folders and, thus, protect confidential data
  • Find needed files in seconds thanks to the search option
  • View meeting documents in a chronological order
  • Store unlimited number of files and folders
  • Read board packs on the go with the mobile app

Building agenda

BoardPro allows for more efficient agenda creation with a bunch of ready-made templates and tools. Apart from effortlessly building agenda right on the platform, users can:

  • Clone a document for the next meeting
  • Drag-n-drop items, add a new one, or change the order
  • Select a presenter, allocate time, and write a purpose for each item
  • Attach supporting documentation
  • Use the built-in best-practice templates

Compiling and sharing board packs

Among other board members’ tasks, creating board packs is of the highest importance. Our thorough review of feedback on this crucial feature indicates that it is easy for board members to:

  • Make changes right before the meeting, republish packs, and make them live
  • Make private annotations using text boxes, shapes, sticky notes, and highlighters
  • Send the packs out in an encrypted email
  • Smoothly switch between papers and agendas within a board pack

To sum up, BoardPro may be ideal for some small- and mid-sized organizations, but its pricing model seems more suitable for larger businesses. Besides, BoardPro seems to be lacking the essential features, such as e-signatures and Android compatibility. However, it still fully satisfies the demand of its customers, who praise the software highly.

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