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Product Review

Boardmanagement is a simple and efficient virtual board portal created to make the governance of the board of directors easier. Like in the case with most providers, this software was created by those who have served on boards and are aware of the issues directors, and secretaries face.

That’s why Boardmanagement is capable of solving all those issues boards have to deal with every day. This software aims at making the board management more effortless and helping directors communicate with each other and third-parties. This board portal is suitable for any kind of organization regardless of its size and mission.

This provider helps organizations to improve the attendance of board meetings, board communication, and the flow of documents. To reach this goal, Boardmanagement provides customers with numerous useful features. 

Directors can schedule events in the calendar in Boardmanagement. These reminders can contain all the details of the upcoming event — from the people who need to attend it, agenda, documents, to the time, date, or date range. Thus, attendees can fully understand what to expect from the meeting, and get ready for it. Later, the responsible person can record the meeting attendance and reports.

Quite expected, this provider offers customers a cloud storage that allows them to upload and share corporate documents. This repository is protected from data leaks and helps directors to organize files conveniently.

Additionally, thanks to the Task Management feature, Boardmanagement users can create, assign, and track all the tasks that need to be done. And using the Discussions feature directors can create some kind of an internal protected forum where they will discuss current matters to establish better communication.

Let’s summarize the features of Boardmanagement:

  • The calendar that includes all details of an event
  • Task Manager
  • Cloud repository
  • Discussions
  • The list of members of the board with contact information

Main Features

Scheduling management
  • Manage agenda
  • Meeting preparation
  • Calendar management
  • Scheduling
  • Deadline management
Meeting management
  • Manage meeting materials
  • Manage reminders
  • Voting
  • Possibility to annotate documents
  • Manage action items after the meeting
Product features
  • Document templates
  • Encryption of sensitive data
  • Security protocol for all the pages
  • Permission management

Getting started

While there isn’t a live demo available at the moment, Board Management offers users a 30-day free trial option available for any of its different pricing tiers, with full access to all features.

There is no live training option currently, but users getting started can take advantage of a knowledge base, video tutorials, a FAQ section, and the Board Management blog.

Boardmanagement Pricing

Pricing details: 16$/month with additional features Billed annually
Pricing model: Flat rate
Starting from: 10$/month
Free trial: Available

Key Advantages

The first thing that catches attention when you learn about Boardmanagement is that this provider offers a free trial for thirty days. This trial gives users access to all the features and doesn’t require even a credit card. Such an approach definitely makes you trust the vendor a bit more. And when you dig deeper, you find out that Boardmanagement gives customers full freedom even when they signed up for the service. The provider has no cancellation fee and allows users to cancel their membership at any moment when they feel like it. And the fact that the Boardmanagement pricing starts only at $49/month makes this service even more appealing.

When it comes to security, Boardmanagement also is rather meticulous. This provider protects the storage with bank-grade encryption and makes sure unauthorized users can’t access the virtual board portal. The vendor complies with industry standards and privacy policies.

Main advantages of Boardmanagement:

  1. A free 30-day trial
  2. No need for a credit card to get a trial
  3. Cancel the account at any moment at no fee
  4. Affordable prices
  5. Easy-to-use software
  6. Reliable protection
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Boardmanagement Alternatives