How to compare board software providers using our board portal reviews

Every director and administrator is perfectly aware of how much paperwork should be done to ensure proper functioning of a company. Reports, agreements, contracts, requests – to discuss all papers and take a common decision, you needed to organize committees and meet people in person. Luckily, there’s a chance to accelerate this process and save both time and efforts. With the help of the best board portals, you can manage documents, calendars, and collaboration in a virtual environment.

Decided to optimize workflow and preparation to meetings with advanced board software? Then you need a comprehensive and cost-efficient option. Not all meeting management solutions are created equal, and if you’re a newbie to this sphere, making choice can be quite challenging. That’s why we are here.

Using our board portal reviews, you can make board portal software comparison and decide which variant is tailored to your company’s budget, requirements, and level of technical knowledge. To give you a better insight into what board portal vendors offer, we have observed the range of meeting management tools provided, as well as other salient features. Our detailed board portal comparison will ease the task for you.

Full Board of directors software comparison

Let’s make a small board of directors software comparison to see how each solution differs from the competitors, and what makes it preferable for your company.


This is one of the most well-established projects in the sphere of board software. Boardvantage is created for both directors and administrators and would be suitable for middle- and large-sized companies. It offers the whole range of essential meeting management tools like calendars, annotations, different access levels, and voting.

The solution is available as SaaS and cloud application, it is compatible with Windows and Mac, as well as iOS and Android. Offline viewing of documents is possible, which makes it convenient to use even if there’s no Internet connection. Users value Boardvantage flexible pricing policy and a wide choice of tariffs.


The team behind Diligent software put a heavy focus on convenience and user-friendliness. The application is available as both on-premise and cloud solution, so the documents can be previewed in offline mode. Users can organize paperless meetings and reap advantages from questionnaires and voting tools.

Diligent leverages various analytics tools for watching reports and getting valuable information. The software gives a perfect insight into who, how, and when accesses business materials. To top it off, there’s a great search tools for finding the necessary document in a few clicks. It would be convenient for companies of any niche and scale.


iDeals is jam-packed with features for detailed document management, efficient and transparent voting, as well as real-time collaboration. Just like other similar platforms, it leverages 256-bit data encryption and 2-step authentication.

This software can be compatible with different OS, though it’s primarily tailored for iPad users. All information is synchronized as soon as Internet connection is established. Another thing that makes iDeals stand out from the crowd is that it’s available as both a classic program and a cloud app based on Microsoft Azure. It can also be integrated with Microsoft Lync to perform video translation of meetings.

Directors Desk     

Nasdaq team stands behind this solution, and they tried to make it ultimately convenient for directors and managing staff. Directors Desk gives you a good insight into statistics of documents (page views, password alteration, sessions, users, login activity). Besides, the administrator can set up access level depending on users’ roles.

Directors Desk is used by thousands of industry-leading companies thanks to an exceptional level of security (TLS encryption and two-factor authentication are implemented). The redundant servers are located in Canada, the USA, and the UK, so users don’t experience problems with connection or data loss.


Such platform as BoardEffect can be useful for the entire team, not only directors and managers. It has the whole gamut of useful instruments, such as board books and scheduling, archives for storage of business documents, convenient search tools, voting, messaging, and notifications. It is available as a cloud and on-premise application being compatible with Mac, Linux, Windows, as well as mobile phones.

The platform is a pleasure to use: it has an intuitive interface, so training won’t take more than one day. There are also many educational materials, 24/7 customer support, and a comprehensive FAQ section.

Board intelligence

Software from Board Intelligence goes as a cloud solution only. However, it means that users can access the platform from any device (it’s compatible with desktop and mobile devices on iOS and Android). The platform features all essential tools like polls, messages, document handling, collaboration, calendars, and so on.

Inbuilt analytics give directors a deep insight into documents and collaboration process. The application is very easy and user-friendly: navigation is clear, all features are available in a couple of clicks. The affordable software is suitable for both private and public companies.


This platform has all essential instruments for meeting organization, including calendars, document management, voting, and collaboration tools. It can be used as a cloud app being accessible from computers, laptops, and smartphones. Advanced access settings make it convenient for both directors, administrators, and their subordinates.

BoardPacks provides 24/7 customer support via email, phone, and live chat. It has a flexible pricing policy, and there’s a free demo version.


Want a non-expensive and tool-rich solution? Pay attention to Convene from Azeus team. It features all essential collaboration and document management tools, as well as push-up notifications and annotations. Voting is also possible. The software is compatible with Windows and Mac, as well as iOS and Android – perfect for use on the go. Convene has a simple interface, and most users praise it for the fact it’s 40% cheaper than other similar solutions.


If security is your main concern, BoardPaq will come in handy. This software can be used as an on-premise solution or a cloud-based app. BoardPaq leverages the voting system, messaging, collaboration, document management, and so on. It goes without mentioning 3-level access settings, 256-bit encryption, and personality verification tools – all for unbeatable protection of business data.


Being simple in use and efficient, BoardPapers is a perfect solution for a company of any niche. It can be integrated with other platforms like email agents and social media sites, which makes it versatile. Like other apps, it can be used from different devices and offers a myriad of useful tools.


Want an application with a wider functionality? Try BoardDocs – it offers unique features. For example, MetaSearch allows for easy access to the database of BoardDocs which can be used as a reference and guide. Agenda planning is made in real time, and this process is greatly facilitated. The proprietary library allows storing files of different types, including images and media.


Directors who find meeting organization and agenda challenging should definitely pay attention to BoardBook. It allows for making real-time changes in agenda and notifying users about all updates. It helps with creating minutes, and different types of files can be attached to document packets. Besides, the solution isn’t expensive.


This solution is tailored specifically to meeting organization. BoardPad helps directors to manage invitations, agendas, attendee, and scheduling. There’s an advanced action item tracking, as well as material management tools. However, the platform must be installed on a device to be used.

With the help of these board meeting software reviews you’ll make an informed decision and boost the efficiency of your team by implementing an advanced solution.