Compare Boardmaps and Nasdaq Directors Desk

Scheduling management

Manage agenda
Meeting preparation
Calendar management
Deadline management

Meeting management

Search information from the past meetings
Manage meeting materials
Manage reminders
Create action items during the meeting
Automatically draft meeting minutes
Possibility to annotate documents
Manage action items after the meeting

Product features

Activity dashboard
Document templates
Customizable branding
Electronic signature
Private chat
Real-time chat
Number of languages 35 1


Encryption of sensitive data
Security protocol for all the pages
Multi-factor authentication
Permission management



Nasdaq Directors Desk

BordMaps is the solution that simplifies meeting management for boards of directors, committees, and dedicated teams. BoardMaps was founded in 2011 and located in the USA. This board management solution aimed to satisfy the needs of different types of businesses, offering services for commercial organizations, NPO, financial institutions. BoardMaps is available on the markets of the USA, Europe, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Africa, the UK, etc.

Nasdaq Boardvantage is one of the cloud-based solutions on the market of board meeting tools. Boardvantage is a reputable brand that cares about encryption of sensitive data, restricted user acces and multi-factor authentication.